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Just do it (06/02/2012)

Last night I made myself do some writing. I was lying in bed, thinking about writing, and in the end I said, actually out loud, “Just do it.” Unfortunately for me, my motivational phrase is the Nike slogan, but it worked really well. I picked up the laptop and got on with it. And, as I’ve noted before, once I started I really got into it, and it was fine.

Sometimes you have to just get on with it. And it doesn’t matter how many times I tell myself this, it’s still hard. Saying it out loud helps, I think. 

I spend a lot of times putting things off. Often I come up with reasons for why I can’t do it. “I just need to watch this episode of 24, otherwise the thought of it will distract me.” I’m lying to myself, of course. When I finish that series of 24 I’ll just start the next one. And when even when I’ve watched all of 4 I’ll just find something else to watch.

It made me realise that I often lie to myself. Or say things to other people that aren’t quite true to convince myself that they are. I need to stop lying to myself. It’s pointless, because I know it’s a lie. I came up with the damn thing!

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