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Becoming a Millionaire One Penny at a Time (10/02/2012)

I have no business sense. It’s just something I have to live with. I’m never going to be an entrepreneur. If I went on Dragon’s Den I’d be one of the ones you laugh at. Luckily, I work in the public sector, so this isn’t a problem.

However, yesterday, I realised that the secret to being rich – or at least, sustaining yourself on freelance work, or earning extra income – isn’t to come up with a million pound idea. It’s to come up with lots of small ways of making money.

The secret to Microsoft, for example, isn’t that they sell one £1billlion computer a year, they sell a million copies of Windows and Office.

I realised this when a friend asked me to host their website. It turns out my hosting allows me to resell it (like reseller hosting), so I can set myself up as a very small ISP. I don’t plan to do it in a big way, and I only plan to do it for friends and colleagues, with a bit of consultancy thrown in (I’ll set up their DNS for them or something like that, and advise them about their code). But I can charge a few pounds a month. Obviously, £2 a month isn’t very much, but if you get 50 people doing that, that’s £100 a month – or £1200 a year, and suddenly that’s quite a bit. It’s two months rent, for example.

And maybe that’s something that you could scale. If you set up with a friend, they could do some touting too, and suddenly you could have a few hundred people.

Really, it’s just a thought that lots of minor projects could come together to produce a significant income. Or at least a viable one. My Amazon Associates account has earned £85 in a couple of years, which is okay. Especially considering I don’t really advertise it, or have any particularly popular websites. It’s something that can only really go up.

So really, my revelation was in a way of looking at things. I don’t think I’m going to go freelance any time soon, but I like the idea of running a number of smaller projects as a web host and web consultant or something like that.

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