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Perks and Quotes (07/05/2012)

As I said, I missed a week of these, but I aim to catch up.

It’s difficult to go through and think about each day what I did, so instead I’m going to flick back through my kindle at what I made a note of.

I did this once before with some quotes and it was surprisingly informative.

Sam blamed television. Patrick blamed government. Craig blamed the “corporate media.” Bob was in the bathroom. 

The Perks of Being a Wallflower (Stephen Chbosky)

One of the nice things about flicking through your Kindle is remembering books you’d forgotten you’d read – like this book, The Perks of Being a Wallflower. I’m probably a bit of a wallflower myself (although not as much as the narrator of this book – and definitely not for the reasons he was). The style threw me a bit at first, but flicking through my kindle, I see I highlighted a couple of quotes from it that make me smile now.

With this quote here, the humour, of course, comes from the banality of the final statement. A bit unexpected. Four is quite a tricky number here, and it may have been better with three, but there were four characters, so he was a bit stuck unless he missed one out.

Vincent, who took acid and tried to flush a sofa down the toilet. 

I find the image here hilarious. It’s such an unexpected and downright bizarre act, that it catches you quite off guard. I can’t even visual who he’d try to do this, which makes it funnier if anything. If it was, say, a fire extinguisher, you could see how someone you try to do that. But with a sofa…? 

Flicking back over my kindle, I see I also highlighted a few things from The Imperfectionists. The problem is, they are completely without context now. It’s surprising how easy it is to take quotes entirely out of context. At the time, I probably thought I’d highlighted enough. I really didn’t. 

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