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These Shoes Are Made For Walking (21/02/2012)

I was really pleased today to discover that my old shoes don’t fit any more.

Let me explain that.

I realised, looking at the souls of my shoes that I walk on the outsides of my feet. This is quite bad for my posture so I’ve been making a really conscious effort to change my posture.

Moving house at the weekend, I uncovered this old pair of shoes that I haven’t worn for months, and trying them on, I found that they tilted outwards and made me feel like I was falling over. Last time I’d worn them, they just felt really comfortable.

What this means for me, or least I decided it meant, was that I was able to make a change in my behaviour, just by keeping at it and correcting myself each time I noticed a problem. It’s a really good lesson, and it was great to notice the difference.

It demonstrated to me, though, how important it is to have some way of recording the progress you’re making so that you’re able to see the improvement. It’s incredibly motivating to see that you’re making a difference. On the flip side, very un-motivating (as I found in my first job) to feel that you’re chipping away at a pile that never gets smaller.

It’s something I need to help the team I manage at work. We’re working on a project that’s very large. And while they are beginning to make an impact, there’s still a long way to go. It’s tricky to manage tasks that are more marathon than sprint, since when you can’t see the end, you begin to lose you way.

The key, of course, is a number of smaller, achievable goals.

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