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Aspirations (25/03/2012)

Yesterday, I went back to University to get my fake MA.

It was a really strange experience, partly because I was staying in a room that looked just like my room from the first year, seven years ago. Suddenly, I had flooding back to me all my feelings, emotions, hopes and aspirations of that time.

My life has turned out in a very different direction than I thought it would. In some ways, I have exactly the job and lifestyle I wanted. In other ways, there are some things I’ve forgotten that I wanted to do.

It’s not that I’ve particularly missed anything, but it did remind me of what used to be important to me. It was really useful for getting outside my head for a bit, and thinking beyond the bustle and churn of life in London. It’s difficult to stand back and squint sometimes – life just gets in the way.

I’m not necessarily sure if I’ll change anything or do anything different. But it reminded me that Icoulddo things; that there are other options. It also reminded me of things I thought and wanted to do that I’d forgotten about.

It was a surprisingly emotional day really. 

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