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Papers (11/06/2012)

I read The Rachel Papers by Martin Amis a while back. I’m not really sure how well it’s dated. Not well, I think. It feels very 70s, and some parts of it, while shocking at the time, are just laughable now.

I found Amis’s style a bit difficult too, but there were some good bits.

Kleenex well away from the bed: having them actually on the bedside chair was tantamount to a poster reading The big thing about me is that I wank a devil of a lot.’

 I’m not sure there’s much I can say about this, except it made me smile.

Later, instead of going to sleep, I stared at the ceiling all night and got a lot of coughing done.

I think I’m getting a soft spot for describing things in a strange way – or using a turn of phrase usually used for something else. 

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