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Working from Home (08/03/2012)

I’m working from home today.

I used to work from home once a week, but recently, I’ve stopped, for a variety of reasons. Mainly, it just wasn’t part of my routine.

This is ridiculous. Working from home is great – not just because it cuts the commute (which saves a bit of money), but mainly for quality of life. It just slows your pace of life down, which is great.

I need to make sure I do this every week from now on.

Make a Date (06/03/2012)

I saw a friend the other day that I haven’t seen for ages.

She’s one of my best friends, but I haven’t seen heror agesHow did that happen? How did I become the sort of person who doesn’t see my best friends for ages?

The answer, of course, is work and life. And routine. Being an adult is hard sometimes – there’s so much stuff that comes at you. And while I love it, and it’s great, I do miss all the friend I had as a child. I remember my history teacher telling me once “when you’re an adult you don’t have friends in the same way”. To be fair, he was a bit of a nasty person, so I assumed that was just him. But he’s write in a way. You still have them, but they tend to drop by the wayside.

What you have to do, is make a regular appointment to see your friends. I’ve done this with a friend at work (Wednesdays). We don’t make every Wednesday – but it’s there, in the diary. And so we have to have a reasonnotto make Wednesdays, rather than a reason to. It’s made it opt-out rather than opt-in.

I need to do this for more of my friends. 

Throwing it all away (01/03/2012)

I realised today I’ve started hoarding rubbish.

And this was after I explicitly set myself the task of trying to cut down on the amount of “stuff” I have. Whether it’s natural hunter-gatherer tendency or what, I don’t know, but I just seem to collect bits of paper and little things that I feel I “need” to keep. My chest of drawers had nothing on it a week ago, and now it looks like this:

And I can’t really throw any of it away. Except perhaps for the hideous candle in the shape of a Japanese woman.

However, the thing that made me sit up was when I realised I was keeping a bit of packaging because I thought the design was interesting. Now, I have nothing wrong with that, but I need to put that in a folder of “interesting things” if that’s what I want to do.

Keeping a pile of packaging in a pile is not something I want to start doing.

I was just surprised at how easily this crept up on me, as I tend to think of my life right now as pretty minimalist. The lesson here really is to know why you keep things and have a place for them. And if you don’t find a place straight away, put them somewhere and review that place regularly.

Internut (24/02/2012)

I’ve moved house.

My new flat is lovely, but I’ve spent the last four days without the internet at home. And you know what? I actually loved it! It’s really changed my life.

I remember now that I’ve felt this way a few times when I’ve been without the internet. I’ve suddenly had… time! There’s, like, five hours between getting home and going to bed.

I usually fill a good part of this with the internet. Without it, I have time to do stuff! Loads of stuff. I’ve taken up listening to Radio 3 (oooh, classy!) which is incredibly relaxing. And I’ve done some writing, and reading and just got on with things.

I don’t think I can give up the internet fully, but I think I may try to go one day without it.

But how have you been writing this without the internet, you may ask. I wrote a couple at home and posted them at work, and one on my iPhone. It’s really not that much of a problem.

Walk in the park (23/01/2012)

I walked to work today. In London! That’s really living the dream.

Generally, you only get to walk to work if you live in a tiny town somewhere with one shop and one house and you live in one and work in the other.

It took 45 minutes, which was my best case guess. And I felt really good.

I’m going to start doing this more. Not only does it save me money (£1.35 each way on the bus – which adds up over a year), but also it’s healthy!

At Christmas when I went home I took a picture of myself to draw. Due to an optical illusion I looked really fat, and I had a hideous premonition. I’d really hate to be massively fat. I should add, despite the fact I work in IT, and my hobby is sitting in front of a computer not moving very much, I’m actually pretty slim. I guess when you’re hobby is not moving very much it can go either way.

It’s beginning to occur to me that I’m reaching the stage in my life where I may have to do something to keep looking like this. Oh, ageing!

My attitude towards exercise is largely the same as my attitude to backing up my stuff:

  • It must be free.
  • It must not affect my life.

I’ve realised this is probably a little harder to achieve with fitness.

But I’m reminded of when L and I lived in Dulwich. She had to walk up a hill to get to the train station. She said she kept in shape doing that more than any gym membership or exercise regime.

I guess the thing here is, if it’s “automatic” (in the sense you have to do it), you will do it. If it’s optional, then you won’t. “Oh I don’t feel like the gym today, I’ll go another day”, you’ll moan to yourself.

One thing that surprised me about my walk to work was how much it took out of me. I’m not sure I’m quite ready to walk 3 miles, work a full day, then walk 3 miles back just yet. But if I walk there each morning and get the bus back, not only is there a financial reward for me (as long as I don’t spend it on chocolate when I get there), but it will boost my fitness too.

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