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Portuguese (06/05/2012)

I’ve missed a week of becoming less stupid. It’s the first time I’ve done this since I began my “quest” to learn something new each day.

I’ve been on holiday in Portugal for the last week, hence the week’s delay. However, I plan to write some catch up posts now.

The first is: just how rubbish at languages I am. I don’t know a single word in Portuguese. It’s a surprisingly alienating feeling. Luckily, everyone speaks English so you don’t really have to learn languages too much if you speak English. But it still saddens me.

In true English-style, pretty much the only word I learnt when I was there was Thank You (“Obrigado” for men, “Obrigada” for women). Oh yes, and Chicken is “frango”. Basically, I can request chicken and thank people when they bring it, but little else

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