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Motivation (14/03/2012)

I’m really struggling with motivation at the moment.

Even though I’ve seen before that if I tell myself to do it, it helps me do things, and even though I know that once I get into it, it’ll usually be fine, I’m struggling.

For a start, I’m working on something, and at the moment, even when I get into it, it isn’t fine.

Yesterday, however, I planned my evening with times, and put a definite time on things (“Have dinner and mess around until 7”). That helped a lot.

Moreover, I’m reminded of a piece of writing advice that Graham Linehan gave once:

Writing is like having a poo, “it’s really hard if you don’t want to go, but there’s a time when you have to go.”

And I think there’s something key here:

All these things that I’m procrastinating and filling my time with, part of it is fear and not wanting to write – but the other part of it is feeding the subconscious.

Because if you start to feed the subconscious with stuff at that stage, it’ll build up and build up and build up, and then finally, when you do have to write, you’ve hopefully built up a store in your subconscious that you can draw from. 

Because, actually, I looked back at the project today, and had some ideas for what to do.

So, I think the thing is: put deadlines on things, work on other things, and don’t worry too much. Just make sure you keep it all under control. 

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