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Make a Date (06/03/2012)

I saw a friend the other day that I haven’t seen for ages.

She’s one of my best friends, but I haven’t seen heror agesHow did that happen? How did I become the sort of person who doesn’t see my best friends for ages?

The answer, of course, is work and life. And routine. Being an adult is hard sometimes – there’s so much stuff that comes at you. And while I love it, and it’s great, I do miss all the friend I had as a child. I remember my history teacher telling me once “when you’re an adult you don’t have friends in the same way”. To be fair, he was a bit of a nasty person, so I assumed that was just him. But he’s write in a way. You still have them, but they tend to drop by the wayside.

What you have to do, is make a regular appointment to see your friends. I’ve done this with a friend at work (Wednesdays). We don’t make every Wednesday – but it’s there, in the diary. And so we have to have a reasonnotto make Wednesdays, rather than a reason to. It’s made it opt-out rather than opt-in.

I need to do this for more of my friends. 

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