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Pie Design (09/03/2012)

Possibly the worst, and most obscure pun yet, this title.

So, the other day I mentioned I’d started unconsciously hoarding things

The things I’d been hoarding were these Tesco packaging designs because… well, I think they’re really good, and I like the idea.




I like the font, I like the plain background colour and I particularly like showing images of the ingredients.

That, I think is a really good idea. Obviously, they didn’t put the gravy in a gravy boat and pour it in, but it works so well. It’s created a “brand” of meals as well – they’re all clearly the same, yet different colours.

Ingredients lists are, of course, mandatory, and a little boring. But here, rather than showing a picture of the product, as you usually would, showing the ingredients really turns them round. I really like them. Like my quotes list, it’s not so much “something” I’ve learnt, as a really good idea, and something I think I should remember when I’m next designing something.

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