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Pods and Quotes (10/05/2012)

I remember not reading JPod when I was younger, or even considering it, because for some reason I thought it was a non-fiction work about the modern world. Strange the misconceptions you have.

Ethan, are you aware that there is nothing green anywhere in or around your desk? Do you think you might be either partially colour­blind or perhaps genetically encoded so as to dislike green? What would be the Darwinian advantage to such a quirk? 

I think I’m drawn to the surreal. I love someone spotting something like this. There’s been a few things like this in books that I’ve come across recently, and someone, the oddness of it feels incredibly real. No one would invent someone suddenly discovering there was nothing green around them.

The direct speech is a little clunky here though – I’m not sure anyone would ever speak like that.

As a result I was home-schooled and didn’t even know that capitalized letters existed until I was ten.

Another bit of weird surrealism. It’s like that bit inAustin Powerswhere Dr Evil says:

My father would womanize, he would drink. He would make outrageous claims like he invented the question mark. 

Picking on punctuation as a concept like this works very well, I think. 

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