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Knowing it all (12/06/2012)

Probably my favourite book so far this year was AJ Jacobs The Know-it All. A really funny, well written book that made me chuckle and rush to read it. I couldn’t wait to get back to reading it.

I didn’t know just how many books: about five hundred. The man wrote five hundred books. I don’t think I’ve written five hundred Post-it notes. He wrote so many books, even his biographers are reduced to the vague “about five hundred.”

 I forget who this is about, but it’s a really good observation.

My father is proud of his footnotes. A few years ago, he broke the world’s record for most footnotes in a legal article, coming in at an impressive 1,247. Soon after that, a California legal professor topped my dad’s record with 1,611 footnotes. My dad didn’t stand for that. He wrote another legal article and just crushed his opponent. Squashed him with 4,824 footnotes, ensuring his status as the Wayne Gretsky of footnotes.

Someone else with an unusual father. It’s becoming a bit of a pattern, I think.

Well, at least he didn’t supervise irrigation schemes, that slacker. Oh wait. My mistake. He was also a supervisor of irrigation schemes.

This made me chuckle, coming at the end of an extraordinarily long list of achievements.

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