They say you learn something new every day.

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100 Days Young (20/03/2012)

Today is my 100th daily “you learn something new every day” post.

100 Days Young 

It’s not the first time I’ve celebrated a 100th edition of some sort of web project (using that very Simpson’s picture, in fact). But that was with someone else. Making this my longest running public project – unlike my short running webcomic, for example. I think I managed 24 of them).

I remember downloading all of my posts from Image Dissectors once before and being shocked that I’d produced enough content to fill two novels.

It reminds me again that little and often is the way to go. To succeed at anything is a marathon, not a sprint.

Having targets and counts helps, as it makes you feel that you’re heading somewhere. Having other people comment helps too – which is why writing is such a difficult and lonely activity, since you get no feedback. It’s why so often I turn to coding to get some instant feedback and praise.

Writing this every day has changed my life. That sounds quite grandiose, but I mean it’s changed the structure of my life. I think about it during the day: what will I write that I’ve learnt today. And when I come home, it’s part of my evening. In the same way as I eat dinner every day and brush my teeth every day, I write this too.

I don’t think it’s something I’d want to do forever, but it’s made me realise that I love the idea of doing something every day for a year. Or until it’s done. I think it’s a pattern I’m going to try again. 

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