They say you learn something new every day.

I’m thinking of reinstalling Windows 7 (yes, I know 8 is out, but I don’t want it). New Year, new OS. God I know how to party.

When I install a new OS, I always install it onto a virtual machine first. To test it, and also because my install disc is one I customized a bit.

So, I cranked up Microsoft Virtual Machine 2007 and installed Windows 7. All was fine, except I couldn’t connect the virtual machine to the Internet. I tried setting the network adapter to NAT as Google advised, and nothing.

Then I found someone mentioning that there’s a feature on your network adapter to enable virtual sharing. So I fired up Networking Sharing Centre. 

  • Clicked on the active connection 
  • Clicked Properties
  • And ticked “Virtual machine network services”.

Low and beyond, the wireless network adapter was now an option on the virtual machine and I was away.


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