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Extracting Files from VHD (13/01/2013)

Still messing around with Virtual Hard drives today, I needed to get a large file off of a VHD (and actually, I needed to add a file to it as well).

I always find virutalisation a little tricky, but discovered today you can add VHD files as virtual hard drives in Windows 7.

Just go to Computer Management, then click on Disk Management On the Action menu, select Attach VHD and you’re away. It’ll appear in My Computer, like any other drive.

Compacting Access without Access (10/01/2013)

I needed to compact an Access database on a machine that doesn’t have Access installed.

It turns out there’s a Microsoft command line tool that can do this quite easily:

The syntax is quite simple:

jetcomp.exe -src:”C:\database.MDB” -dest:”databasec.MDB”

Pinning to Start Menu (09/01/2012)

It’s always annoyed me that some items in Windows 7 wouldn’t allow you to pin them to the start menu. It turns out, if you hold down shift while you right click you get the option to pin anything to the start menu.

I feel silly now for not knowing that. 

Internet Sharing with Microsoft Virtual Machine 2007 (03/02/2013)

I’m thinking of reinstalling Windows 7 (yes, I know 8 is out, but I don’t want it). New Year, new OS. God I know how to party.

When I install a new OS, I always install it onto a virtual machine first. To test it, and also because my install disc is one I customized a bit.

So, I cranked up Microsoft Virtual Machine 2007 and installed Windows 7. All was fine, except I couldn’t connect the virtual machine to the Internet. I tried setting the network adapter to NAT as Google advised, and nothing.

Then I found someone mentioning that there’s a feature on your network adapter to enable virtual sharing. So I fired up Networking Sharing Centre. 

  • Clicked on the active connection 
  • Clicked Properties
  • And ticked “Virtual machine network services”.

Low and beyond, the wireless network adapter was now an option on the virtual machine and I was away.

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