They say you learn something new every day.

I checked my eMails today to get ahead of the deluge of eMails tomorrow. I’ve been away for a week, so I did dread my inbox slightly.

It turns out I had around 120 eMails (which is fewer than I expected). It seems the replying to eMails generates more (who’d have thought it).

Moreover, of those I could delete around 90 without even reading them.

I’m actually a bit shocked by that. I’ve always assumed that:

  1. The volumes were higher
  2. More of them required my attention

It makes me wonder if there’s a better way of dealing with emails. One thing I do want to do is make a physical (or at least pdf) information guide to IT and Software at work and distribute that. I did that a few years ago in a previous job, and forgot about that until recently.

I’ll try to start this next week. 


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