They say you learn something new every day.

Priorities (11/04/2012)

I’m running a survey at work at the moment to identify staff IT issues. It turns out that a lot of people are struggling with issues that are solvable or simple. A number of people put in the free text section, “I can’t print from websites” which is a known issue we’ve had for a while, with a solution (it’s to do with the permissions on the temp folder).

Evidently, they’ve never phoned the helpdesk, so the problem has never been solved.

What this has shown me is that same thing again in a different context: get the basics right. So often we start to run ambitious, complex projects (LAN refresh, upgrading 30,000 machines to Windows 7, Pull Printing etc) but we haven’t got the basics working properly. And these are the things that bother staff. No one cares about pull printing if they can’t print what they want to print.

It’s made me re-think about the way we do things, and aim the bar quite low at a first pass. The things that irritate people the most aren’t the big problems but just the little things, that are actually easy to solve. We’re just so fixated on big projects, we overlook them. 


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