They say you learn something new every day.

SCCM (10/04/2012)

I’ve been messing around with SCCM and WMI today. WQL queries are a little strange.

I have some vbscript from a colleague who wrote a massive application for adding and removing collections from machines. I’ve attempted to put my own scripts together for managing SCCM.

I’m not sure what surprised me most; that actually, when you get down to it, it’s quite simple, or that my colleague’s code was so complex.

It’s reminded me that, ultimately, code is just strings (well, arrays and objects, but ultimately strings), and a few other formats of data. If you can manipulate strings and do loops, you can generally do code.

It’s reminded me that the best way to learn something is to take some demo code, play around with that, and make your own simplified code from that. That is, put it together from scratch so you know what each part does.


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