They say you learn something new every day.

I’m writing this on the tube on my iPhone. Im on my way to L’s and suddenly remembered I hadn’t had chance to write this.

I’m quite pleased I remembered actually as it means this has become a habit. I noticed yesterday was my 50th post so I’m getting to the stage where I’ve done it so much that it’s become part of my life.

I was talking to L yesterday and she told me about her day at work. She’d been dealing with a slightly difficult person who was getting irritated with her staff. Rather than phone her back she phoned the woman’s manger who was, crucially, L’s equivalent in the other company.

This is actually quite a crucial thing. And something I often do wrong. Though it pains me to say it you need to follow the chain of command. You need to speak to your equivalents “on the other side”. It was a really unexpected lesson.


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