They say you learn something new every day.

I’ve realised that one problem I have is “stickability”.  If you look at my attempt at a webcomic, it lasted for 24 comics (all of which I did in one month – so it’s not even as if it lasted half a year).

My website, is probably the thing I’ve stuck at the most, run with a friend, between us we’ve managed 109 posts over a year and a half. However, for the last six months, my postings have been intermittent at best, and non-existent at worst. And of course, this is just one of many websites I’ve run.

When I was a child, I created comic after comic, and book after book. Some of these ran for hundreds of editions, but they were frequently unfinished or incomplete.

The problem is, I think, that I tend to get other ideas that are incompatible with my current platform. For example, if you’re writing a webcomic, and you suddenly get an idea for a blog about the media, you can’t really fit it in. And similarly, if you have a blog and you want to draw a funny picture, it doesn’t really work.

I’ve been thinking about this for a while, because, partly, I don’t think this is a problem that’s going to go away, and my conclusion is to be more committed to the platform, and to see ideas as possibilities for that platform.

If you think of some of my favourite things on the Internet, XKCD, Zero Punctuation, Coding Horror, they are all platforms, and the creator is true to the platform each week. When they get ideas, rather than thinking of the perfect platform for them, they see how that idea could work on their platform.

I think I need to do that more.

At the moment, I have a few platforms. There’s this diary/daily blog/mini-blog thing. There’s my website, and there’s also my writing projects. I think, really, if I want to succeed with any of these, I need to stick to them, and reform other ideas to match those platforms.


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