They say you learn something new every day.

I got this book for Christmas, the Liquid Thinking Survival Guide to Change. I actually got it because of the artist and illustrations. Ironically, I’m not a big fan of the style he’s used here, but the content is really interesting.

There are a few times where it borders on becoming a self-help book. I suppose there’s always that danger with books like this, but some of the things it says are really interesting, and there’s definitely things to learn. The one I came across today, and which hit me most, was the importance of repetition.

When you do the same thing repeatedly, the brain connection thickens, meaning it’s easier for information to flow through. So, in fact, it makes you cleverer – or at least, it makes it easier to think or act that way. I suppose this is how school works, but it has really interesting implications. I’ve seen this in action myself. The first time I saw an array created in vbscript by using split() I was really impressed. Now, it’s the standard way I think of creating arrays. Repetition has made me cleverer. Or, at least, better at solving that particular problem. And now that I can solve that problem, I can move onto the next one.


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