They say you learn something new every day.

How to do stuff (18/12/2011)

I’ve been reading 59 Seconds, a sort of antidote to self help books (given the inverted commas I put around “self help” in yesterday’s post, you’ll see that I tend to hold them a little bit in contempt).

Probably the one thing I took from it, that was worth reading the whole book for, was about how to get stuff done. Procrastination is a big, psychological problem. But it’s the putting it off that’s the problem. Once you get started, you’ll tend to find that actually, you quite like what you’re doing. Your brain gets into it.

The thing to do, then, is just to do it. Just get started. And once you start, you’ll want to keep going. It’s advice that’s worth hearing from time to time.


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